What’s in store for 2017?


Firstly I understand that it isn’t the best start posting my blogging new years resolutions on the last day of January but I have been busy getting back into things after Christmas and its still January so it still counts 🙂

This is just a quick blog to say Happy New Year and thank you to all my readers who continued to read and support throughout our travels in 2016.

I plan to have all the generic boring new year’s resolutions like eat healthier, go to the gym more blah blah, but I also wanted to set myself a few blogging resolutions.

This year I still plan to blog, we have a few trips planned which will definitely be included. Being away for so long made me realise that travel isn’t just in another country, and the UK has so many amazing places to offer that I still haven’t explored. So this year is going to include lots of UK trips and days out, recipes from my travels and my top travel tips.

The name of the blog will still stay the same as without New Zealand I would never have blogged my way through all our adventures for 18 months! I’m sentimental.

Thanks again for all your support


P.s this photo was taken in Malham on Sunday, as one of our days out, as part of our promise to #exploreengland more! If you want to see more of my adventures in real time give my instagram @lucyjbarrett a follow.