Fiji – Part 2

This is the second half of our Fiji adventures you can find part one (here). On the morning of the 25th we had a trip booked to one of the Fijian Islands it was called Beachcomber Island. We were up early for the trip – very early in fact as Chris forgot to change the time on his phone and woke us up and hour early (we didn’t realise until we were showered and ready to go).

The trip to the island was 1.5 hours and I cannot tell you how beautiful it was it was like the typical cliché paradise. Amazing blue water and golden white sand and the weather was gorgeous. We were welcomed onto the island by a band playing the guitar and taken inside to be shown around. The place was amazing and so tiny, a small paradise with one resort, the beach carried through into the bar and there was beautiful coral and shells mingled in with the sand.

First on the agenda was snorkelling and it was great. I mean we were quite far out and it was abit rough and I can’t honestly say I wasn’t a little scared and seasick at times- but it was worth it. It was so colourful and there were so many fish swimming right up to us. Chris scared me because he was given some bread unbeknown to me, shoved the bread up to my face and the fish came pecking at me. Anyway that aside it was so so so amazing and the guides could swim so far down they were great. Chris actually saw a reef shark out there (I missed it unfortunately). The shark seems to get bigger every time he tells the story it started off at 5ft and I overheard him at work the other day telling someone about the 10ft shark he saw.

We had a buffet lunch and then arrived to the meeting point with the islands mum ‘Mama Lesley’ for the turtle viewing. Now I must say we were a bit suspicious that we could see turtles dead on 2 o’clock (a bit like the time we went to see the geyser go off at 9oclock and it was made to go off with soap). So yeah turns out they were in a pond out the back for conservation reasons but it was still nice to see them.

That afternoon Chris made a basket out of a palm tree leaf, we had a gin and then got back on the boat to go home! The weather was changing so quickly and we sailed past an impressive weather front and rainbow.

When we arrived back I just had to have the tasty Fijian curry I had a few nights ago and Chris had curry in a pineapple. It was a successful day all round.

On the 26th we had to move hotels due to the whole flight situation at the beginning of the holiday. It was called Aquarius on the Beach and it was exactly that right on the beach. We arrived in the morning and just read and sat in the shade (too hot for us brits).

I wont go into detail but I had a touch of ‘Bula belly’ as I have aptly named it so Chris went for a massage whilst I had a lie down. A few hours later I was fine and we had a swim in the pool.To be honest I never thought I would say this but we were having a swim and a coconut dropped in the pool off a nearby palm tree – doesn’t get more like paradise than that.

That evening we ate dinner watching the down pour and had a few drinks on our last night. Now to be honest on the next day I didn’t really think anything that eventful would happen as we were just flying home, but I just have to tell you about Jimmy. Jimmy basically forced me and Chris to come and sit on his palm tree and drink from a coconut he had climbed a palm tree for. Now I thought this was free (very naively) so he chopped the top off and gave us both a coconut, I was a bit suspicious when I saw he had a packet of straws – but anyway it was very refreshing. We paid Jimmy some money for the coconuts and set off for the airport it really made my morning getting to drink a fresh coconut.

The end to the story is that we flew back to Auckland (bought 2 bottles of Gin and a Toblerone in duty free) stayed the night in a hotel and flew back to Napier the next day. It was an amazing holiday, so below I am going to share average costs and some tips for anyone who might want to or is thinking of going to Fiji.

Fiji Average Costs.

On the whole Fiji is very cheap and I think the prices we paid at the resort might have been higher than average;

  • Our whole holiday (including flights, accommodation for 4 nights, airport transfers, trip to beachcomber island, shopping trip to Nadi, massage and drink on arrival) – £400 each.
  • Our whole bill at the hotel (meals and drinks for 3 nights) – £100
  • 2 Fiji Gold beers – 11 Fijian dollars/ £3.50
  • Glass of wine – 9 Fijian dollars/ £3.00
  • A meal for example a chicken curry – 18 Fijian dollars / £6.00
  • A trip to beachcomber Island (all food, snorkelling and transport included) – 100 Fijian dollars/ £35
  • A Massage for 1 hour – 60 Fijian dollars – /£20

Top Tips

  • In the main town do not be tricked into shops – they will lock you in and not let you out until you buy something.
  • Get a good Mosquito spray and a room with aircon I was bitten 20 times on one leg and it is very hot!
  • Most hotels have free airport transfers make sure you book somewhere that offers this service as it will be difficult if you don’t.
  • The food is amazing give it a go!
  • Take very cool clothes, I made the mistake of not taking enough and lived in the same 2 dresses – you might have noticed.
  • Get out to the islands that is where the classic ‘paradise’ Fiji pictures come from.

Until next time

Lucy ❤

Fiji – Part 1

Bula Bula (hello, goodbye, welcome, love, life in Fijian)!!

So let me tell you about our little trip to Fiji (I am splitting this blog in 2 due to the amount of exciting stuff I have on offer). On the 21st march we flew to Auckland ready for our early morning flight on the 22nd. We headed to Auckland airport ready for our flight full of excitement and to be honest the beginning of the holiday didn’t really go as we planned. I don’t want to moan about it too much as I am over it now and looking back we got a pretty good deal but- Air NZ kicked us of the flight as the flight was overweight apparently. It was pretty stressful as I am not a lover of flying anyway but we managed to swap our flight to the next day, change our flights back home and moved the hotel. It was definitely a winner after all the inconvenience as we got a night in a posh hotel, with lunch and dinner and $700 compensation –oooh and posh seats on the plane. Throughout this ordeal we were acquainted with a South American couple on honeymoon who were going through the same stress as us – they were really upset but they managed to get a hotel and that was that! Our first day in ‘Fiji” was spend in Novotel Auckland sipping Martinis whilst we rebooked everything (no to shabby).

On the 23rd we were a little bit nervous about checking in after the previous day, and when we did try to check in the lady had to call round to confirm us on the flight so by the time we got through security I was ready for a drink. After a few red wines we were ready to board and I must say the plane was lovely and snazzy. There were no blinds just a control on the window that dimmed it a bit like varifocal glasses (lol). My favourite bit was you could online shop for drinks and snacks, swipe your tv screen with your credit card and whatever you wanted was delivered! It also turned out that the honeymooners from the day before were on the flight with us and actually sat next to us, and as he got on the plane he looked at us in his limited English and shouted ‘we made it’. I made a point of telling the cabin crew they were on honeymoon so they were given free champagne which they shared with us 🙂

When we finally arrived in Fiji it was boiling and so humid (I was later to discover that 5 showers a day was mandatory). After hugging it out with the honeymooners we headed to our accommodation – Anchorage Beach Resort and it was lovely! It was situated in the mountains with no one around and you walked down a steep hill to the beach front where there was the pool, bar and spa. That afternoon we laid on a shaded double sun lounger and just chilled out, drank cocktails and fell asleep- with a break for a chicken wrap for lunch!

We then got a bit hot and went for another sleep in the aircon which wasn’t very cold and had a flick through the very extensive tv channel selection in Fiji (2 channels). That evening I was so excited to try Fijian food, we headed to the resort restaurant which was right by the sea, and it did not feel any cooler. I don’t think I have ever been so hot. I had this amazing Fijian chicken curry served in a three tier pot and Chris had teriyaki fish (all washed down with a Fiji Gold beer).

The next day we had a lovely buffet breakfast by the sea and then chilled by the pool waiting for our Fijian massage (what a relaxing morning). In the afternoon that was a little bit less relaxing we headed into Nadi town, it never fails to culture shock me and put me on edge in countries like Fiji but once you get used to it, it’s fine. It reminded me a lot of India and brought back so many amazing memories (but India is a story for a different blog). We met up for a coffee with a Costain friend of Chris’ and he took us around the lovely crazy markets! We went to a Hindu temple which was so bright and colourful and then went into an air-conditioned bar for a couple of Fiji Gold Beers (again). We then did some tipsy souvenir shopping and came out armed with a bookmark, sun cream and an iron on patch.

When we arrived back it was quite late so we headed down for dinner which was again amazing – I had chicken with Fijian veg and Chris had prawn curry all served with a beautiful flower. That night there was a Polynesian fire sow on which was great but I got a bit scared when they kept dropping the fire in my direction! I was made to participate though by dancing and I hated it partly because I don’t like the attention and secondly because I was so hot and made to dance round in a conga with my hand through a Fijian mans legs (witwooo).

Another particular highlight to our evening was chatting to a man we had previously labelled an alcoholic who went to the bar every morning and got a coke bottle filled with rum and coke so essentially it just looked like coke. During this conversation we discovered he was a vicar – could explain why he was hiding the drink?

We were pretty proud of ourselves that night as we made it to 9pm before we needed a sleep! I am going to leave Fiji part 1 here and another blog is to follow about the second half of our adventures.