Coming home…

A week ago after 14 months away we finally came home!

7 Countries
9 Flights
20 Buses
9 Boats
32 Taxis
29 Trains
18 Hotels
9 Temples
3 Massages
1 Segway

It has been an epic adventure and the things we have seen and done have been the best experiences of our lives! We had a morning flight home from Kraków and arrived in Liverpool at midday!

It has been lovely coming home to see everyone and people have made an overwhelming effort for our return it’s so touching. When we arrived at the airport my Auntie, Cousin and oldest friend Chrissy surprised us at the airport which was very unexpected, I apologised later for acting really dazed!

I got home and my beloved Max he the westie ignored me I was devastated (he’s friends with me now though). I had a lovely bunch of flowers left off my godmother and my parents had completely redecorated my room which is gorgeous!


The night we got home all me and Chris wanted was a Sainsburys curry and a chill night with my family, all the home comforts we have missed! We got a Julie Barrett bacon breakfast the next day which tasted amazing and had a full day shopping for new work clothes.

Sunday we picked up our besties Emma and Scott up from the airport as they were arriving back from Canada. I must say standing in arrivals is much more emotional than walking into it, I was so emotional seeing them again! That night we had drinks at my house and all our friends came, we were supposed to go to the blues but after too many drinks and catching up we never got there! It was such a good night and I don’t think we have all been together like that for 4/5 years it’s crazy. Three of my friends are engaged now so all the girls were in the kitchen being typical girls and the boys in the conservatory talking bikes!


As it was bank holiday the weekend still wasn’t over and we had a much craved pub lunch with my family at the Silent Inn which was so good. The barman gave me and Chris a bottle of wine as a welcome home gift!


I’ve been back to work for a week now, which is the job I had before NZ so it’s been very strange going back but great to see everyone! Returning home in general has been very strange, don’t get me wrong it’s been so nice to see everyone but slotting back into normal life and adapting after being away is quite hard.

Chris has set off for his job working away in Cambridge tonight which feels strange as I haven’t been apart from him for 14 months! I’m sure everything will go back to normal soon!

So that’s it we are home! I intend tocontinue my blog and talk about places I’ve been which I have never mentioned and other travel related blogs!

Thanks again to everyone who has kept reading.


One thought on “Coming home…

  • Great blogs Lucy. Great to read them. Entertaining as well as informative. When’s the book coming out? “Northerner in New Zealand (and one or two other countries).”

    Liked by 1 person

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