Warsaw is such a beautiful European city, we are so excited to be back in Europe and even more excited to see my family in Kraków today! We arrived in Warsaw around midday and got the train to the hotel – which is so amazing and luxurious compared to what we have been used too! A lovely lady we saw at the train station gave us a free tour bus ticket as she was leaving so that was the afternoon sorted. We had a ride on the bus which was a great way to see the city in our short time! We drove past the old town which looked gorgeous and said we would go back the next day. I was so tired as I didn’t sleep much on the plane and we had been travelling for 16 hours.

In the morning we hit the breakfast buffet and something amazing happened – we had our first proper bacon (in our opinion) in 14 months it was sooo good.

We got the tram to the old town which was beautiful so quaint and the buildings at
are so intricate and ornate in such nice colours. Everywhere is cobbled and there are no cars we spent the whole day here – I really have missed how much history Europe has and how lovely it really is. I feel we sometimes take it for granted living so close.

We had a tour around the castle which is actually a replica reconstruction as Hitler demolished the original, the inside was so lovely. There was so much gold and marble and expensive furniture, there were portraits everywhere – they looked like they should move like in Harry Potter.

After this we stopped for a cheeky gin or two in a cafe on the square and watched all the street performers, it really was a great day finished with a meal at Hard Rock Cafe!

I haven’t mentioned at the obvious which is the history of Poland in regards to the Jews it is there and a lot of museums and statues and memorials acknowledge the tragic times. We haven’t been to any of the museums yet as we have a full week in Kraków planned with my family to visit these areas, which I must say I am nervous about as I know it will be harrowing.

Today we have spent the morning killing time in the technology museum before our train to Kraków!


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