Our time in Singapore didn’t really start (or end) as planned, after our flight we were so excited on the shuttle bus to the hotel, and we had booked lots of discount trips at the airport. I started to feel a bit off at the hotel but put it aside and we decided to go and visit Gardens by the Bay which is a bit like the Eden Project and has an outdoor area too with some huge tree sculptures.

We didn’t really make it into the attraction as I was sick in a bush, this continued all night so this day was a definite write off. I don’t know what it was but all I can think is it must have been some sort of bug.

The following day I felt a bit better so we went back to Garden by the Bay, there are two main greenhouse type structures and one if the Flower Garden and the other is the Cloud Forest. The Flower Garden was full of bright flowers and sculptures and had a garden showing plants from each part of the world. It was funny as I remember the Eden Project being boiling but the conservatories here feel cold as they need to be kept colder than outside.

The next conservatory the Cloud Forest had this huge waterfall and a replica of a rainforest inside it was amazing. There was this huge walkway that went round the roof and it gave a lot of information about environmental issues and climate change, this conservatory was even colder but I think it was my favourite.

We went back to the hotel to charge the camera but ended up sleeping for two hours as I still felt crap and then Chris started to feel ill too, it really wasn’t our few days. We ended up staying in that night too as Chris had caught my bug.

The next day we were feeling a little better so we set off for Singapore Zoo which has been rated number one zoo in Asia. We had to take the underground and a bus to get there. Poor Chris was feeling ok when we set off but by the time we got to the bus he had to turn back to the hotel on his own and I went solo at the zoo. It was an amazing zoo and I saw some cool animals I have never seen before like White Tigers, Polar Bears and a Komodo Dragon but it was really sad doing it alone. Being at the zoo without Chris really made me value having someone to share it all with. It made me realise how much I love spending time with him and a few times I even turned round and said ‘look at this chris’ lol! (Soppy).

I rushed back for 3 o’clock as we had a walking tour booked I went to the hotel on the off chance Chris might want to come and he was felling better so I was so happy I went back. We met our guide at the train station and he took us on an amazing walking tour of Singapore! Showing us all the different areas like the Muslim area, Malaysian areas and Raffles Place. There was this one street which was the only street in Singapore that allowed graffiti, the penalty for graffiti anywhere else in the city is three lashes of a cane, 5000 dollars fine and a years prison! It is such an amazing city that has only developed in the last 50 years, the tour finished with a river cruise which was lovely, the tour was a great way to see the city in a short time.

After the cruise we both decided it was worth risking a Singapore Sling at Raffles, Raffles was an Englishman who discovered Singapore and the bar is where they invented the Singapore Sling Cocktail. We had a lovely night, the bar is very old fashioned and to keep the history of the English colonials they let you throw your peanut shells on the floor!

Chris still wasn’t really up for eating but I was (surprise) so we stopped so I could have a quick bite (I had the best steak ever). The bar was so cool and it happened to be the day that Joseph Schooling had won the first ever gold medal in the Olympics for Singapore, so they went around cheering giving out free shots. It was an amazing atmosphere. At the time I didn’t know his name so when everyone was shouting Schooling I thought they were saying Skull It! So obviously I downed mine.



We had a quick wander to see the city and at night and then went back for an early night ready for our day at Universal Studios the next day!

It was so cool! I have never been to one so I know the ones in America are probably better but I loved it. I hate rides though and I am a big chicken. There were a few different film themes like Madagascar, Egypt for the mummy, Sci Fi transformers and Farway for Shrek it really brought out the big kid in you. My favourites were the Madagascar ride where the animatronics were amazing and it showed the story of the film and the 4d Shrek. The 4d had moving seats and sprayed you with water when donkey sneezed it was so much fun. The whole place makes you feel like you are in the movie or in another fantasy land.

We also saw how special effects work in a room which simulated a category 5 hurricane which had fire and wind and things smashing and flying at you. One of the best things we saw was a show that acted some of the Water World film out the stunts were incredible and the actors were doing tricks on jet skis and boats soaking the audience in water. There were explosions and a plane flew in from nowhere it was fantastic!


After our day here we went to the bar at the top of Marina Bay Sands for sunset to see the city at night. The bar was unreal and I think there is nothing more beautiful than a city at night (I have probably already said that before). Marine Bay Sands is the classic hotel you see in all the Singapore pictures that is three tall columns with a boat on the top with the famous infinity pool (I did look at staying there but it was about 50 times out of our budget).



This is where the story gets sad again, the next day we were both very very ill again, we had to cancel our bus to Kuala Lumpur and book an extra day in Singapore and we slept all day. The bug was horrible, we managed to get to Kuala Lumpur the next day but spent the majority of the next two days sleeping and trying to eat. It was awful. We think we are on the right side of it now though (fingers crossed).

We tried to make the most of Singapore despite being ill, we are glad to be back in Europe and on the mend! I think we did it justice considering and we managed to do everything we wanted to do! It is a great city.


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