We were originally going on a trip to Krakatoa from Jakarta which I was really excited about when we booked, but we talked about it over the few days in Yogyakarta and decided not to go. It was very expensive and it was also a full 12 hour trip, which would leave us with no time at all in Jakarta.

We were staying in a hotel which was in a shopping mall which was quite strange, to get to the hotel we had to get a golf buggy round the side, then up a lift into the top car park, and then walk to the reception then another lift to our room. It was lovely though and had a tv and aircon a real bonus for us!

As we only had one full day in Jakarta so we wanted to go to the top recommended places which were the Indonesia Bank Museum and the Grand Mall. We started at the bank museum which was ok, it was showing the history of Indonesia’s banks and it had a lot of cool old equipment and old safes. I was a bit disappointed though until we got outside and realised there were two bank museums and we had been to the wrong one!

The other was much better and had currency for all over the world it was amazing I love stuff like that because I collect currency from countries we have been.

Next was the mall and it was amazing there were two big malls east and west and they were nine stories high! We spent the whole afternoon there it was so much fun. They had a whole floor as an arcade and we spent absolutely ages in there. I was on the dance mat smashing out some moves.

This is a bit of a short blog really as we only had a day, I am sure I will make up for it in my next blog for Singapore!


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