We were taken the two hours to Munduk by the owner of our Ubud hotel Abut. We arrived after a very windy two hour climb into the mountains and it is so pretty! As far as you can see is green lush mountains and rice paddies and it is so quiet and relaxed. Our hotel is called One Homestay and we have a room with mountain view, the hotel is lovely and clean and all the fittings are dark red, so when the sun shines through the curtains in a morning it is a little bit ‘Amsterdam’.

There isn’t much to do in Munduk apart from admire the view but it is so beautiful which I have already mentioned! We spent the afternoon in the bar attached to the hotel with an amazing view pictured below drinking Bintangs!

We searched trip advisor for the best place to eat out of a choice of fifteen and chose a place literally next door called Warung Heaven. It was a little bamboo restaurant and it was tiny. The place was packed though. One of the tripadvisor reviews said that you needed a little bit of patience here as everything was cooked fresh and they only had two burners in a tiny kitchen – they weren’t kidding! It took 2 hours for our food to come and the owners gave everyone packs of card to pass the time, it was funny and quite quirky really, we had a lovely night. It’s much cooler here in the mountains so the Bintangs went down very well! Chris needed the toilet at the restaurant so they took him on a very long walk down some stairs and past a massive bulldog to go to the loo. It was funny because everyone in the restaurant who was taken to the toilet came back and told the Bulldog story, and even in a different languages you could pick out the word ‘pit bull’.

The next day wasn’t much different and again I do not have much to report, we wandered around floating from coffee shop, to restaurant to coffee shop, reading our books and writing up Indonesian recipes for you to try (here they are if you want a go).

Munduk has been so chilled out and lovely! It been nice to just read and admire a beautiful view I between tropical downpours 🙂

We got picked up at midday for the drive back for a night in Denpasar which is basically just the base for us to get the overnight bus/ferry/train to Java! We spent the evening at Jamie’s Italian drinking lovely wine and eating amazing food – perfect for our last night in Bali!


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  • Hi you two I am at Richards in Portugal continuing reading ,, your blog and enjoying it very much,it reminds me of when Ian an d Richard did there travelling.I will be thing of you all when you meet up with your mum and in Poland till then keeeeeeep traveling lots of love aunty Lynne xxx😁💕

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