Ubud – Part 2

Ubud Part 2 begins with us booking a full day in a Balinese spa for £30 each, we spend an hour over breakfast looking at the various options and ringing to see who could fit us in at short notice – number six on trip advisor was available so we booked in and within half an hour we were being picked up ready to go, the package included;

* Exotic Bali Massage
* Green Tea Body Scrub
* Yoghurt + Honey Wash
* Flower Bath
* Facial
* Creambath for hair
* Manicure
* Pedicure

It was a lovely spa a little bit outside of Ubud so very quiet and relaxing! We started with the massage which was even more intrusive than the last one we experienced, which was followed by a green tea scrub and yogurt moisturise all of them were lovely! Now after this we needed a shower before the rose petal bath, the bit that followed was very uncomfortable and very out of our comfort zone as we were showered down by two ladies who then helped us into the rose petal bath (Chris says he was uncomfortable but I’m not so sure ha).

Anyway after this we had the rest of the treatments and by the end of it we were starving! I must say a Balinese strong massage is very strong and I have a few bruises today, but if was a lovely relaxing day at a lovely spa and they had lovely little touches like bringing you tea and fruit throughout the day.

After the massage we got dropped off in town for a meal we were so hungry, we both had three courses and the best deep fried calamari we have ever had!

The next day was a little more active as Abut the owner of our hotel was taking us to the sites of Ubud! The first stop was the famous Tegalalang rice terrace that you see in all the pictures of Ubud! They were amazing so perfectly formed and very very green stretching for as far as you could see, we walked around over little handmade bamboo bridges and little paths it was really cool. We got talking to one of the workers Wayan who played us a tune on his bamboo flute and took a photo of us. We carried on to the very famous view taking lots of photos as we went. On the walk back the ledge was very thin and slippy I lost my footing and plunged my foot ankle deep in mud to everyone’s amusement, but because my foot and flip flop were so slippy I couldn’t carry on walking and it just kept slipping back in, I eventually got it out and used a litre bottle of water to clean it off.

Next up on Abuts tour was Gunung Kawi temple it was beautiful, there was this gorgeous clear pool out the front and the carvings were so intricate. Chris even made friends with a friendly cockerel who let you pet it so we were happy all round really, now my foot had dried off!

The next temple we visit was the Holy Spring Temple or Water Temple which was very different from the first, it had 14 holy springs at the front and ques and ques of people were waiting to be bathed under the holy water it really was cool to see.

Call me uncultured but my favourite stop of the day was the coffee plantation, where we were shown how they grow coffee, how it’s dried and how the coffee is made. We also saw the cats that make the famous cat poo (Luwak) coffee, and how this process is carried out. As coffee lovers we were excited when we were given a free tasting tray of 12 coffees, teas and hot chocolates made at the site – they were so good! We also opted to pay to try the Luwak coffee which was surprisingly very nice, our favourite drinks were the Ginseng coffee, macchiato and hot chocolate – so we went crazy in the gift shop afterwards and bought all three. The funny thing was the Luwak poo coffee was really expensive and the one we bought at the market a few days earlier was so cheap, and we were ‘reassured’ by our guide that it definitely would not be the real thing, we are now wondering what poo we actually have and whether it’s a doga mocha or maybe a monkeyato (boom boom).

Last stop was the famous Ubud waterfall which was massive and really impressive you could feel the force of the water as you stood next to it! Chris went in for a swim and said the force was really strong. There were so many steps and the waterfall and it was absolutely boiling, so after this we asked Abut to drop us in the town centre so we could grab dinner.

On the way back to the hotel Chris decided to go into one of the spas and have an ear candle which is meant to really clear you ears our. It was so amusing and a lady basically just lit a rolled up piece of cardboard in his ear, she then went on to tell us that it didn’t work very well as there was too much wind, but she turned the aircon on half way through!

We have really loved our time in Ubud it’s been very chilled and nice to stay somewhere for longer than two nights. It is such a cultural and vibrant place and the artwork and wood carvings here are incredible.

Next we head to Munduk for some time in the mountains.


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