Gili Air

At 4 o’clock after our day of swimming with the turtles we boarded a public boat to our next island Gili Air, which was about 10 minutes away it was a really fun experience travelling on the public boat, as they packed everyone on and people were even sat on the roof! Once on the island we got a horse and cart to our accommodation which is so nice! I cannot believe what you get for your money here. It was £30 for two nights in there lovely oriental style huts, with breakfast and access to a swimming pool.

We dumped our bags and headed out to a place I had read about called Mirage for sunset, we got a comfy seat a cocktail and some hummus and settled in for the sunset. The sunset was beautiful probably one of the best I have ever seen, the colours were so vivid. We had a quick bite to eat after and booked in for a 90minute massage for the following day.




The massage was amazing! It went quite quickly, we were on this balcony that overlooked the sea and all you could hear were the waves! I told Chris before we went to take some boxers rather than his swimming shorts but he didn’t listen. When we got there the lady handed him a plastic bag that had a pair of see through black budgie smugglers in there – it was hilarious! The massage was lovely if not a bit close for comfort at times, I had sunburn on my bum from snorkelling the previous day (sorry for too much info but I want to let you in on my true experiences) and the lady actually massaged our bum cheeks. It was funny because we were on massage tables next to each other so I knew Chris was having the same experience too.

To be honest I haven’t much else to say about our time on Gili Air, we spent the rest of the afternoon chilling by the pool and went to watch another sunset that night.

Onto Ubud next for five nights which I am really excited for! Our time on the Gilis has been so relaxing and Gili Air has been the perfect balance between the party and honeymoon islands. I have heard a lot of travellers complaining about their time on Gili T so I’m glad we didn’t decide to stop there!

Back to the main crazy island now.


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