After our whistle stop tour of Cairns we had a late night flight booked to Bali! I was so excited as I love Asia. The flight seemed to take forever even though it was only 4 hours and we landed in Bali around half midnight (it’s quite nice now after 5 flights in 10 days to have a month off flying). We had to go through customs, bag collection and declarations which was actually a lot quicker than I thought. We then got a taxi to our airport hotel, we think we might have been ‘ripped off’ for the taxi but it’s hard to complain when it was only £5 anyway!

Indonesia grants a 30 day visa on arrival after that you have to apply, most travellers opt to stay for just under a month to make the most of it just like we have. Indonesia is made up of hundreds of islands and is a lot bigger than you think it is, I originally had this big plan to do lots of different island hops, but travel isn’t fast and we didn’t have the time. We decided to do Bali and Java with a stop in the Gili Islands, most travellers pick Lombok over Java but there was something about the volcanic landscape and culture that captured us more (and the trip advisor reviews were better).

So back to the story our hotel wasn’t the best but it was 2am and we didn’t really care that much as we were so tired and it was only £9! Chris had to catch a massive cockroach before we went to sleep and there was a lizard lose in the room somewhere but we were that tired we were asleep within minutes!

Our stop near the airport was only to grab some sleep and we were headed straight to Jimbaran the next day a little place on the Bukit Peninsular to the south of Bali. We ordered a taxi for 12pm as we wanted a chilled morning and checkout wasn’t until midday. I was so excited about Jimbaran as my friend who I used to work at The BM Massive (Boundary Mill to those not in the know) with was also there we arranged to meet up!

The hotel in Jimbaran was amazing! It was a bit out of town but it was so calm and beautiful, it had a lovely swimming pool with stepping stones and fish swimming around. It really was lovely and BangBang the owner was brilliant! At around 2 o’clock we went to meet my friend Georgina and her friend Kayleigh at their hotel, it was so good to see them! I haven’t seen George in a few years but she is now a Marine Biologist in the Philippines which is so cool. We headed to Jimbaran beach which is a lovely little beach but there isn’t much there, so we just had a wander around the fish market and went to Kuta where there was a bit more going on instead!

We really wanted some Indonesian food and settled for a little place at the side of the road where I had Nasi Goreng a classic Balinese rice dish and a Bintang (Indonesian beer). After this we had a wander around and me and Chris had a beer whilst G got a hair braid now I know she won’t mind me saying this but it wasn’t the best braid we have ever seen and her head was all bruised afterwards – she defo needed a Bintang! It started to absolutely chuck it down so we ran into a bar with happy hour and had a few drinks, it was so lovely to catch up and see one of my really good friends from home. I have missed her!

Kayleigh was flying to NZ that night, so the next day it was just the three of us – we decided to go to Tanah Lot temple an hour north of where we are staying! It took ages to get there but it was worth the drive. There was a beautiful temple out on a rock in the sea with huge waves crashing into it. You could go into the holy cave and be blessed with Spring water so we did this and then had a wander, it was such a beautiful temple! Now we didn’t realise but this area had a no taxi pick up rule so we ended paying an ‘extortionate’ rate to get back to Kuta, but the taxi driver was hilarious.

Back in Kuta we were ready for some food, so we wandered the streets looking for a ‘Warung Padang’ which are little stalls with seating at the side of the road. We found a man selling Bakso which are little Indonesian chicken dumplings so we bought a bowl and all shared them, they were so tasty but the sauce was very spicy! I managed to find a pair of Havaiana flip flops for £15 so I was so chuffed and Georgina managed to haggle a backpack for Chris down from 600,000idr to 200,000idr. She is probably the best haggler I have ever seen (sorry Tish you come a close second). We found a little Warung and had a proper meal which was really lovely apart from Chris’ which was squid in what looked like a block of butter!

After this we wanted to go to a beach somewhere for a drink so we paid a driver to take us south to Padang Padang Beach which is very famous, as it was in the Julia Roberts film Eat.Pray.Love. It was a beautiful beach and we wandered along the sand, I got a bit scared of the waves (surprise surprise) and thought we might get stranded. We found an amazing bar that overlooked the beach and had a few drinks. The taxi driver got a bit arsy with us for being 10 minutes late and told us to have a horrible day (lovely guy).

We finished the night on the balcony at Georgina’s hotel with another few Bintangs! It’s been so amazing to spend these two days with my lovely friend and we now have an invite to the Philippines which is very tempting! Thanks for a lovely time G! She heads back to the Philippines today to do more cool marine stuff!

It’s so great to be back in Asia! Although I have never had mossy bites on my face before!


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