New Plymouth

Hello there everyone,

I thought it was about time I got my bum in gear and started blogging to all you lovely people again. So basically after a bit of a bad patch plus no motivation (I won’t go into detail) I stopped blogging for a while! But I’m fine now and back 😀

This blog is about our trip to New Plymouth and a bit of an update on a few other exciting things we have done. We went to New Plymouth back in April now (I know I’m sorry I am very behind).

There isn’t loads to tell about our trip there its very seasidey and a lot like Napier but on the west of the north island. We got there on Friday night it was a pretty long drive about 5 hours so we didn’t do a lot on arrival! On Saturday we wandered along the sea front taking pictures hand in hand (how romantic). I was taking a picture of Chris and a massive wave hit him (lol before and after below).

We went to the museum which was pretty cool and took some standard stuffed animal pictures. I was pretty upset as my favourite team off the Block NZ were there and we missed them by 15 minutes (hi if you are reading Cat and Jeremy). We drove to mount Taranaki which was covered in cloud (not very successful).  We did a bit of a lonely planet bar crawl which is standard for Lucy and Chris, so it was a pretty chilled day really. This is why I shouldn’t leave my blogs until 3 months later because I can’t remember anything.

The one thing I do remember is Chris’ surf lesson the next morning. It was two hours long and the poor boy was shattered afterwards (after standing up a grand total of once). Fair play to him though as I didn’t even give the lesson a try.

Our route home took us along the Forgotten highway which is a gravel road full of cool places to explore, waterfalls, tunnels and ‘ghost towns’. It added a lot onto the journey but was definitely worth it! I am sorry for the short but sweet blog but I just wanted to tell you a brief of New Plymouth and say sorry for being off the radar! I am back now I promise.

So other things we have been doing;

  • Pangea Seeds Foundation Art work in Napier (blog to follow)
  • We went to Rotorua to see a kiwi and Chris went mountain biking.
  • We are currently gearing up for the big trip home (blog to follow)

So we currently have 1 WEEK left in NZ.


Until next time


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