Art Deco Weekend

Well firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of blogging recently I know my die-hard fans (Hi Alan) will be missing me. Reading my friend Fran’s blogs (thosetwoinoz) this morning (she is currently blogging her way around Australia) made me get back into the blogging swing of things. I have been busy with work, travel, illness etc. (boohoo) but I’m back (its only been 4 weeks)! So what have we been up too? We finally got to do the Tongariro Crossing – later blog to come and we are off to Fiji on Monday –even later blog to come! So it’s all go as usual!

In February now we went to the Napier Art Deco Weekend – all I can say is what an amazing weekend it was! I felt like I had gone back in time or been transported to a movie set- everyone was dressed up and in the spirit of things. On the Friday night I dressed up in a glitzy number with feathers in my hair and Chris dressed as a pilot and we headed out to the Emporium (the famous Art Deco Restaurant in town) for a meal with our friends Bev and Pete. It was a great evening we sat by the window watching the costumes go by and everyone having fun outside as we ate and drank 🙂 At 7.30 the planes flew over giving an spectacular display!

On Saturday we headed out again – this time I was in a daytime deco outfit! We watched the vintage car parade which was fantastic I have never seen so many old cars. They had the brass band playing and so many different activities going on. We walked up to the main parade by the ocean and people were dancing to 30’s music and generally having a great time. We stopped for some lunch and had a nosey again at people passing by in their amazing costumes (met an Australian guy we met in Coromandel – small world!). Everywhere you turned there were costumes and something different going on. We were exhausted – but that didn’t stop us going back on Sunday.

There was a soap box race where kids could build karts with their dads (or mums – equality and all that) and race down the main street it was a fun event to watch with a few scary moments – kids have no fear! We headed to the airport to look at the old planes there was so much going on we didn’t want to miss it all. Another highlight was the Gatsby Picnic where hundreds of people set up picnic tents and are judged on creativity, we had a lovely afternoon walking around with a Hendricks gin looking at all the tents.

I really don’t feel that it does the weekend justice just talking about it so I will let the photos do the talking in this instance.

Lucy ❤

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