8 things nobody tells you when you move abroad

  1. The TV is crap, it is never the same as TV at home. I have only found one NZ program I loved (The Block NZ) and the ones you do love from home Corrie etc. are two years behind. So you will definitely need to invest in a Netflix account and a Chrome cast to survive. Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars have become my lifelines (sad but true).
  1. It takes forever to get used to the currency, after 6 months I still convert to pounds. I have a mini heart attack every time I pay for something as the NZ dollar is roughly double to the pound – so when I see $50 I see 50 pounds not 25 pounds. Complicated stuff.
  1. How bad the homesickness can be. It’s a real struggle, as we are having the time of our lives out here and wouldn’t change it from the world. For people at home battling floods and winds who see us having an amazing time think it’s silly to miss home when its 30 degrees here. It’s something that unless you have done it you never realise how it feels to just want a cuddle from your dog, a pint with your mates or a Saturday night chill with your family.
  1. Adapting to new supermarkets and brands is hard and you will always miss things like bacon and tea. That’s why when we see Yorkshire tea we go mental. Expat shops are genius.
  1. You come to appreciate how great your home country really is. Being so far away and talking to a lot of people makes you realise that you really haven’t made the most of you home country and how close you actually are to Europe. This is something we have vowed to change when we get home.
  1. How amazing it really is. I feel so lucky that we got this opportunity when we did before getting a house or anything else. It came with perfect if not a little rushed timing, and everything just fell into place for us. We have seen and are still to see some great places and I am so glad we made the leap to come here, because trust me it was bloody scary for both of us.
  1. You do things you never thought you would dare do (especially me as a chicken) like caving, jet boating, swimming with dolphins, because why the hell not? I might never be here again. If someone asked me to go caving in the UK I would propose a pub lunch instead.
  1. You will settle in quickly. We had no choice we had a flat and a car within 3 weeks and its surprising how quickly you settle into a job when you are away from home and only have a 12 month contract.

Lucy 🙂

2 thoughts on “8 things nobody tells you when you move abroad

  • Enjoy the experience whilst you can. It was minus 2 degrees outside this morning. Went out to take some sunrise photo’s and came back cold and saying 2 things. “Glad I do not have to work outside and glad I am not a ‘BLOODY SHEEP'”. You may come back here and then wish you had stayed there. Take life as it comes. Enjoy every minute of life and each other. You do not know what is round the corner so enjoy what you have.

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    • Oh we are enjoying it Alan definitely and 100% making the most of it! I think we only have 2 areas in NZ we haven’t been to yet and they are planned for the next few week. We probably will come home and want to return 🙂 it is hard sometimes though living abroad but something I am very glad I did!


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