Stacey and Zach come to Napier!

A week and a half ago now (time flies) we had a visit from my best friend form uni Stacey and her other half Zach. I had been looking forward to seeing her for ages and it kind of crept up on me really, with our South Island and visit and being so busy. So on the Friday as when my parents came I didn’t really believe they would be here until I actually saw them stood in the campsite car park ready to be picked up for a civilised (yeah right) meal.

It was great to see them both and it felt like we only saw each other yesterday like it always does with Stace. After a quick tour of the Dark Knight (Stacey and Zach’s campervan) we headed back to our flat for a few drinks. After cracking out the compulsory prosecco that my mum left us (thanks momma Jules) and a well-earned catch up (mainly Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars debriefs) we headed out for a meal. I think I’m going to just skip to the good bit with this one, as you can imagine after our food it got quite messy and we ended up doing a pub crawl of every bar on our street and back again! The night highlights include me cutting my foot open on the dance floor, Stace having a very long conversation with the bar man about the best way to cook a lobster and dancing like idiots until 4 am. We then thought it would be a good idea to walk into town for a kebab (come on its Napier nothing was open) so we just went home and I passed out fully clothed (successful night all round).

The next day I am safe to say was very slow paced it started with a late breakfast and coffee on our balcony and when we did decide to surface we headed to the air show in nearby. This was followed by a trip to Napier town, an ice cream (best hangover cure), another little walk and then a G&T (even better hangover cure). We finished the night with a lovely little BBQ at Stacey and Zach’s campsite and a chat to some tipsy kiwi guys on a stag do. I was told the next day they were knocking on their campervan at 4am asking them to ‘party’.

Sunday we were able to function a little better and I think if I was a tour guide I would call Sunday ‘Booze and Views’. We headed to Hastings Market for a wander around and then ventured up Te Mata peak to admire the view (more successfully than last time). The last time we went up Te Mata Peak Hugh broke down as he wouldn’t go into reverse and we had to get a tow truck home! Next on the agenda was The Filter Room our little cider heaven we take all our guests too (because we love it and it’s an excuse to drink cider). It’s safe to say my favourite Sangria Cider was a hit! We then went back to the flat via the ice cream place again for a little bit of lunch and it was straight back out to the winery!

This time we went to Elephant Hill winery which is my favourite so far, it wasn’t too posh but it was very grand and had amazing views. We had a wine tasting which was fun as we played a game of who could guess the most flavours in the wine (I won because I cheated and looked at the sheet). This was followed by a bottle of wine on the terrace (so posh) which Stace and Zach treated us to –so thanks guys! After a few goofy pictures with an elephant we went to Emporium for a pizza! As it got dark we showed the delights of Napier at night all lit up (it really is beautiful) and then back to the campsite to say goodbye (sad times).

We had an amazing time with Stace and Zach I just want to say thank you so much for coming out to visit us! It really was nice to have friends out here and be able to show you around and for you to see as much of New Zealand as you did. For me it was lovely to have Stacey here to have some girl time and gossip with someone other than Chris (sorry Chris).  They are flying home tomorrow after travelling the North and South Island so have a safe flight guys!


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