NZ South Island -‘pains and gains’

It’s been ten days since we returned from our NZ South Island adventure and I just wanted to do a blog to share our holiday ‘pains and gains’ (as you can see my pains are very serious). I can safely say we had a holiday we will not forget travelling the full circumference of the island and travelling a grand total of 4491km!

1.  No car drama– Hughey baby made it the whole way! This is definite obvious success for us as I was slightly paranoid the entire way that he was going to blow up or something similar.
2. No bites – Neither of us got one sand fly bite, if you had seen the swarms of tourists running around after being chased by swarms of sand flies you would feel smug like us too!
3. Seeing a whale – it speaks for itself and it’s an experience we will never forget.
4. Writing my blog of course – I was so honoured by the amount of people that have followed our journey around. I was determined to keep up to date with my blog all the way through the South and this was an achievement in itself with all the travelling we did!
5. Meeting Victoria – I had heard so much about her off my mum, it was nice to finally meet and compare notes.
6. The views! – The views of South Island were amazing everywhere you turned there was another beautiful view to admire.
7. Chocolate waterfall – Speaks for itself it’s not every day you get to see 1tonne of chocolate drop from the roof
8. Wildlife – We saw so much amazing wildlife whilst we were there and it sort of ties in with seeing a whale but I want to add in – Sea lions, Seals and Albatross’.
9. Dolmio chicken – The food extravaganzas you can concoct when you are staying in the middle of nowhere and can’t be bothered to drive 30km to the shop are pretty impressive. A favourite has to be chicken cooked in lasagne sauce all the vegetable bits we had left whacked on a sweet potato.
10. West Coast – This is a bit of an obvious one but the West Coast is beautiful and we were told by so many people how lovely it was! Highlights include Glaciers, Milford Sound and the Pancake Rocks.
11. Christchurch – As everyone who read my blog will know Christchurch really touched me, I really loved my visit here for many reasons and I would love to go back.
12. Patch hunting – We collect iron on patches for every place we visit and it has become mandatory that everywhere we go we HAVE to find one its fun picking out all the designs and then seeing where you have been on a big blanket at home.

1. Uploading pictures – Selecting and uploading pictures to my my blog was a definite pain, worth it but with the horrendously slow internet at times it was VERY frustrating. I started the holiday by taking separate pictures on my iPad and camera, but ended up buying a devise that could take pictures off my camera onto my iPad (amazing I know) and it made life so much easier!
2. Seasickness – Chris has an episode on the whale trip! It was nice for it not to be me for a change but I felt his pain, I had a similar episode on the ferry back where I was icing my neck. It is safe to say I have more Stugerons on the way for us both for future travels (3 packets to be precise).
3. Rooms without bathrooms – the rooms we opted for in the backpackers were not en-suite (the whole point I know). I have slowly been getting better at the whole back packing thing but traipsing down the corridor in your PJs to have a wee or get a shower before anyone else gets a bit old after a while.
4. Ripped trousers – hilarious for me but a pain for Chris. We still haven’t found him a replacement so work pants or shorts it is then!
5. Food labelling – I am glad we finally have a fridge of our own, and we don’t have to label everything we own so it won’t get thrown out.
6. Breakfast biscuits and wraps – I don’t think me or Chris could face anymore breakfast biscuits or tortilla wraps for about another 3 years. These convenient and easy foods soon got old to us, I think we overloaded on these a little too much.
7. Booking disaster – Arriving in Nelson to no accommodation was not ideal and pretty stressful for me, but it worked out we got somewhere to stay and it was better!
8. Hangover jet – The Shot Over jet was great and so much fun, but after a heavy night in Queenstown I did seriously well not to be sick – self-inflicted I know but it was very close at some stages.
9. Sleep problems – I love the weather in NZ and I am really not complaining but one big struggle (still is now) is the heat at night and trying to sleep. It’s a battle between leaving the window open or not -but if you do you will wake up with loads of bugs flying around, and hearing a sudden buzz or flapping when its pitch black isn’t ideal. When my friend Kaley who lives in Australia, said she had to sleep with ice packs I thought she was joking (turns out she isn’t).
10. Patch hunting – This is also a pain as well as being a gain, I have become obsessed with finding a patch before we leave anywhere, so it can be a bit of a bind trying to find one. Chris makes us find one first everywhere we go so I don’t natter (saddo).

We have a few exciting weekends coming up and our friends Stacey and Zach have just left Napier after a weekend visit so I will have lots to tell you in my next blog.


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