Our last stop of the holiday (sad face) saw us heading back to Picton to catch the ferry back to the North Island.We checked out from Kaikoura as late as we could on the Saturday and the set off for Picton.

We stopped off in Blenheim which is about 30 minutes south of Picton as we wanted to visit the famous Peter Jackson war plane museum called Omaka. We stopped off for a light lunch (pie, mash and gravy) and then headed to the museum. The museum is his personal collection of World War I planes and it’s pretty impressive, as he has displayed them in scenes of their stories. So for example one of the planes crashed into a tree in the snow so he has created a beautiful scene in which the plane can be shown in a snowy backdrop. The figures were so realistic and were made by Weta Caves – the workshop we visited in Wellington.

When we arrived in Picton we headed to the backpackers called Tombstone – sounds ominous but it is named as it is next to a graveyard but it was probably one of the best we stayed in! It was more like a hotel. That night we just sat and chilled and drank wine on our last day of the holiday before our detox!

The ferry crossing the next day was an early start (I had ran out of Stugerons –uh oh). I was pretty seasick I was slumped in a chair the whole way with an ice pack on my neck, it wasn’t a rocking motion that got me it was moving around in a circle.

After this it was the 4 hour drive back to Napier – shopping, washing and ironing done by 7pm (boring). What an amazing three weeks exploring the beautiful South Island! The picture on the cover just shows how many brilliant places we visited.


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