Our main reason for going to Kaikoura (as is everyone else’s) was to see a Whale! We were booked onto a whale watching trip on the 14th at 12.15pm, we arrived in Kaikoura at around 11.30 so set of straight to the whale watching terminal. Kaikoura reminded us a lot of Napier with its beautiful coast line, little gardens and cafes, shops and bars!

When we arrived at Whale Watch Kaikoura who were brilliant by the way, our trip was cancelled due to rough seas (as you have to get quite far out at sea for obvious reasons). A lovely lady on reception – I wish I had taken her name booked us onto a new trip for 6.45am,we were disappointed but it couldn’t be helped and we were still optimistic for the next day (Whale Watch Kaikoura see a Whale on 95% of their trips – which I think is amazing).

For the remainder of the day we visited the seal colony and had a few drinks in some of the local bars followed by fish and chips.

The next day we arrived for our tour I was so excited at the thought of seeing a whale, we had been warned about sea sickness (I took my Stugerons, Chris didn’t). The trip set off on a Whale Watching Catamaran with big comfy seats and the guide told us lots of facts about the area and the Sperm Whale (largest toothed mammal in the world). The Sperm Whale is the most common whale in the area and the whale we were most likely to see.

As we were the first trip of the day we had to keep stopping to see if we could track the whales and it was getting towards the end of the trip, I was starting to feel a bit disappointed but then -we heard a whale! Now this is the point which I found amazing about Whale Watch Kaikoura, they actually extended the trip so we could see a whale!

As we approached the area we were asked to keep an eye out for him to surface as they stay underwater for (45-60 minutes)! All of a sudden he appeared and there was a stampede to the top deck! It was amazing, the whale was huge and we were so close. It kept spouting from its blow hole (technical term) and we got about 10 minutes viewing him swimming along. The guide said they would warn us when he was about to dive and there was on a 50% chance he would dive with his tail showing – and he did! It was so special and made our holiday!

On the way back the catamaran was going at full speed to get us back over the waves (which were quite big at this stage). It was so much fun the boat was bumping and dipping and my stomach kept going on the dips! A few people were seasick (including Chris- didn’t take his sturgeons) but I was having a whale of a time (ba bum Ching).

This trip absolutely made our trip and I would like to thank Whale Watch Kaikoura for making it happen!!

One more night left in Picton then it’s back to Napier.


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