Lake Tekapo

Our time in Lake Tekapo was quite short due to a change in itinerary to spend more time in Dunedin (so glad we did). The drive from Dunedin was 3 hours and we arrived at about 4pm, as we had another stop off along the way at the Moeraki Boulders. These are large round shape boulders that were originally formed in the cliff face and as the cliff has eroded this harder rock has been left on the beach it’s pretty impressive. As you can see below there are some pretty impressive photo opportunities too!

When we arrived in Lake Tekapo we had a look around the lake which is a beautiful blue glacial lake and few other features in the area such as the famous church. We were originally going to go to the hot springs that night (11th) but we found out that the area was one of only a few Dark Sky Reserves in the world due to its no light pollution and very clear skies. Chris loves star gazing so we booked onto an observatory trip for that night.

In the time between arriving and our star gazing trip we took a trip to Mount Cook. It was beautiful it was such a clear day and the scenery was lovely. We set up our cameras on a rock and had a photo shoot- Chris split his pants climbing over a rock to get in the picture in time (I think it was all the Cadburys from earlier in the day).

After a salad tea (we needed something light after all the chocolate) I had a nap before our trip as I’m getting old. At 11 o’clock we made our way to the Earth and Sky office for our trip, we were transported by bus to the observatory (no white light was allowed so we had to take lasers). We were shown all the constellations by a guide with the coolest laser ever it was like a light saber and it looked like it was touching the stars! We also got to look at some things such as stars and gas clouds through telescopes as they weren’t visible to the naked eye. The sky was so clear it was amazing to see it was also a new moon so no moon was visible making the conditions darker (perfect for star gazing).

Our time in Lake Tekapo was short but we really felt like we made the most of it and we got to see stars in one of the only Dark Sky Reserves in the world which is pretty special!

Up next is Christchurch.


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