Milford Sound

Today’s blog is a short one about our brief stop in Milford Sound, we spent a lot of the day travelling but the journey was amazing!

We set off from Queenstown this morning and it took us about 2 hours to reach our backpackers for the night in Te Anau called Rosie’s backpackers and homestay and we are actually just staying at someone’s house!

The drive from Te Anau which is the main base for Milford Sound is about 2 hours south of the Fjords, it is really out of the way and there is no direct road across from Queenstown (I think if there was it would take about an hour). On our drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound we stopped at a few places that had been recommended to break up the journey such a the Mirror Lake and some waterfalls (once again waterfalls feature heavily in the blog). Along the way we spotted a sign to say that we were 45 degrees south latitude which is the same as France if we were on the same latitude north (Bonjour- see mum I’m basically home). As we got nearer we had to pass through a tunnel and they had basically just blown through a huge mountain (Chris was in his engineering element).

We arrived at Milford at around half past 2 as our trip was at 3, we were with a company called Real Journeys for the trip and we checked into the boat which was really nice with big comfy chairs (free tea and coffee always a winner with the Brits).

We set off sailing out through the Sound and within about 5 minutes of sailing a pod of at least 50 dolphins came swimming past the boat. The captain sailed up close and they put on a show jumping and playing alongside the boat it really was an amazing start to the trip.

We sailed out to the Tasman Sea at the end of Milford Sound and it was beautiful and a lot bigger than you would ever imagine! As we sailed there were waterfalls on either side and the boat would sail right up to the rocks and you could stand right under the falls as they sprayed you like rain (it was like being back in England). As we sailed back there was seals lazing on a rock aptly names ‘Seal Rock’.

The water was deep blue colour and a mist had formed over at one point which I think gave it more atmosphere! We spent a lot of time up on the told each when we could taking pictures but it was a bit windy at times and one lady ended up taking a picture of the floor as her hand got blown taking a picture (one for the family album).

Milford Sound really was beautiful it reminded me a lot of Norway. The sides were high and rocky covered in trees and there were glacial features all the way along. It’s a must do for people travelling to New Zealand! It is really hard to do it justice so I hope alongside my pictures you can get the feel for it!

On the drive back to Te Anau we stopped off to see some Parrots in a car park and then headed back to cook up a Chilli (glad I autocorrected that it came up as child).

Off to Dunedin tomorrow, I will have lots to write about as its a full day to get there!


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