We set off for Wanaka (I am being extra careful with spelling for once, don’t worry kids) early on the 4th as the drive was around 4 hours again. We stopped along the way at Knights Point lookout which was an amazing view out to sea- the visit was cut short when we were attacked by sand flies (they get worse the further south you go). It was amusing to watch other tourists (and I will admit me) running around hitting themselves as they’re scared of being bitten. We stopped at a few waterfalls (surprise) and the lovely blue pools which were crystal blue pools accessed by a rope suspension bridge (not a nice feeling). After a few games if pick or miss -basically if we had enough room would we pick up the hitch hiker or not (please note if you want to play this game yourself you have to give two reasons why you would or wouldn’t) we arrived!

Wanaka is beautiful, it’s a big lake surrounded by mountains it reminds me alot of Taupo. We were staying a little out of town in a wooden hut style backpackers called LHH. Our first stop in Wanaka was Rippon winery (I bet you are really shocked) it was the most beautiful winery I have ever been to. We arrived just in time for the free wine tasting (winner) and then we bought a bottle and sat on the grass with a cheese board enjoying the view. The winery looked out over all the vineyards and the lake and mountains you could easily loose track of time.

I wouldn’t normally talk about our trip to the supermarket but as we arrived we pulled it next to a pick up truck with a dog on the back. Chris being a child started howling at it and in return it howled back him (I will upload the video at somepoint). It was pretty funny.

That night we had a BBQ by the lake with the BBQ my family left for us (thanks guys) and then went to bed. At about midnight I was woken up by what sounded like a World War air raid siren ( no joke it is horrible). In Napier this siren means tsunami and to get out as quick as you can, we grabbed a jacket and the car keys and went to the neighbouring hotel to find out what had happened. Turns out in Wanaka it is just a call for the fire brigade (what happened to a mobile phone). Anyway we gave the firemen a laugh but we were terrified.

We woke up the next day and had a treat breakfast ( we are sick of breakfast biscuits) of waffles, syrup,banana and bacon (sounds crap but it’s amazing). Our first stop was the Wanaka Transport and Toy museum – this place was incredible. It is the largest private collection in the world and has over 50,000 toys, I loved it they had cabinets full of Slyvanian Families (reminded me of you Chrissy), hundreds of Barbies and all the toys you could think of! They had a full cabinet of Thomas the Tank trains (I had the full set as a kid I think I might collect them all again) and a Tracey Island like my brother Josh used to have! I think Chris’ highlight was the transport section they had 30 fire engines, tanks and planes it was really impressive.

Next stop was the lavender farm and it really was lovely, the smell was amazing. You paid $2 and could just wander round and look at the farm it was really cool. Chris nearly got spat at by an angry llama which was quite funny.

In the afternoon we were booked in a Puzzling World which is basically a big attraction of optical illusions and puzzles. In the optical illusion room there was a slanted house it was the weirdest thing ever the whole thing was on its side, and the chairlift was going down even though it looked as if it was going up. This room made us feel really sick! The whole thing was really fun and at the end we messed around outside taking a few funny photos!

In the evening we chilled out with a BBQ again and did build your own burger (cheese, salami, onion etc)!

Chris is really looking forward to our next stop- Queenstown! If anyone has any suggestions of places for us to visit on our road trip around please let me know.


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