Hello again,

As you all know we set off on our South Island adventure on Saturday and after spending the night in Wellington we got up very early for the ferry crossing to Picton. We boarded the ferry at 7am got Hugh the Fiesta all parked and found a comfy seat by the window next to the cafe (standard). The crossing was really calm and only took 3.5 hours which passed in no time after our sausage butty breakfast and many games of tipping point on my iPad. The view sailing into Picton via the fjords was amazing and really made us feel like the holiday had begun.

After a short drive we arrived at our first destination which was Nelson (don’t get excited guys I’m not home yet). Nelson is a small city on the coast and is the oldest settled city in New Zealand’s South Island.

We arrived at our backpackers to find that our booking had been cancelled (initial panic set in as its holiday season) this was our own fault as our credit card had failed as we transferred all our money into the wrong account. So to cut a long story short we rang round lots of backpackers (well Chris did as I panicked) booked a night in 2 different places, then the first place we arrived at said we could actually stay 2 nights, so we rang the other place who wouldn’t let us cancel without paying but then they changed their mind and let us cancel, so we settled on the Palace backpackers for 2 nights (told you it was a long story but crisis averted). After this fiasco we were pretty tired so we drank wine on the veranda and planned some trips for our future travels (don’t worry I won’t spoil the surprise).

This morning (Monday 29th) all refreshed we set out to explore Nelson- our first stop was the World of Wearable Arts Museum. World of Wearable Arts is a festival in NZ that originated in Nelson (now in Welly) which is all about making art pieces into clothing. The museum was amazing and both me and Chris appreciated how beautiful these designs were I will let the pictures do the speaking as I can’t do it justice. There was clothing made out of just about anything you could imagine including cable ties and elastic bands.

There was one room which was glow in dark clothing which was pretty eerie and reminded me of a scary scene from Pretty Little Liars (if you haven’t seen it watch it).

As part of this museum there was also a classic car museum we both really enjoyed this but agreed the Wearable Arts stole the show. Before our next stop we ate chicken wraps in the car and set off back into Nelson centre.

We walked to Nelson Cathedral which is a beautiful Art Deco style cathedral in the centre of the city. It’s an amazing building which towers above the whole city and is the main attraction for tourists like us!

Next on the agenda was Queens Gardens which was a beautiful park with sculptures and fountains in the centre of Nelson, our favourite bit was watching the ducks Bob under water (a novelty over here as the water was so clear you could see everything).

Finally we went to the Nelson Provincial Museum which gave us a history of Nelson and there was a cool mirror exhibition where we could act like kids. We also got a voucher for free entry to Marlborough Museum and $5 off Peter Jacksons Omaka museum which we will definitely be using on our trip (so just a handy hint if you are in the area).

So tonight we cooked a curry and sat on the balcony having a few drinks (nothing new there then). I have really loved the feel and the relaxed vibe The Palace backpackers has given us during this stay and (bold statement) but I think it might be my favourite accommodation so far!

Tomorrow we head to Abel Tasman which is only an hours drive away!

Lucy 🙂

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