Today it dawned on me that I haven’t really written anything about where we have been living for the past 5 months and I should because its brill. We live in a city called Napier on the North Island of New Zealand on the East Coast, with a population of just over 57,000 (yes I did say city).

In 1931 Napier was basically flattened by an earthquake and was subsequently rebuilt to the style at the time which is Art Deco and this is what makes Napier so famous and special. Napier has the best weather in New Zealand (sorry folks but its 23 today) and is surrounded by vine yards (could I live in a more perfect place to suit me? – only if there was a chocolate river to go with it.)

The main city centre is filled with amazing Art Deco buildings right along the sea front and the sea is such a beautiful colour. As the weather is so much nicer here the lifestyle is so much more outdoorsy and that’s everywhere in New Zealand – but I think Napier have got it spot on. The main beach front Marine Parade is always full of people having BBQs (which are supplied for free by the council- the BBQs not food), there are skate parks, spa pools and Bike tracks all the way down.

The main visitors centre is next to an outdoor stage called the Sound Shell and lots of amazing fountains, statues and gardens all the way down. At night it is all lit up in loads of lovely colours 🙂

Now that the summer is really kicking in the place is buzzing with people arriving on tours- cruise ships and coaches and everyone is just enjoying life really. Every February they hold a week-long festival called Art Deco week with hundreds of events on and everyone dresses up – apparently you look silly if you don’t dress up.

We live about 10 minutes’ drive from the main centre in a section of Napier called Ahuriri, we have a flat that looks over the harbour with a swimming pool and gym (I’m trying not to sound braggy here, I just want to show people who read where I am living). About a 2 minute walk away there is a row of amazing bars and restaurants (very dangerous) and a beautiful estuary walk which is about an hour.

I cant describe how lovey it is here and I cant wait to show Chris’ mum Petrea (who is visiting now) and my family (who are vising in 3 weeks) around and all the amazing places we have discovered. I have included lots of pictures as I think they do it justice more than me (please note some of these pictures were taken in winter – I am definitely no longer wearing a coat).

Thanks for reading

Lucy 😀

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