Mister D

Hello again 😀

Today I want to tell you about a place we visited at the weekend called Mister D. Mister D is tucked away on Tennyson Street in Napier and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had wanted to visit here for a while and on Saturday we decided to go for our friend Rachael’s birthday –the perfect opportunity.

I loved the décor in Mister D it was an industrial space that had been made very cosy with sofas and it had a hint of a feel of an American diner. The place was brightened up by pops of colour from vibrant sunflowers and a D shaped lightbulb light on the wall. One thing I loved was how they had put postcards from all over the world on the inside of the lightshades hanging from the roof – it really took me back to some of the places I had travelled and it sparked conversations about places we had all been to. There was a cute little courtyard at the back that leads through to their bar Monica Loves which I need to go back and try!

FullSizeRender5 IMG_2101

Now I am not going to lie the reason we went here is because we had heard about Mister D’s speciality (wait for it) which was injectable donuts! I ordered a cappuccino and a cinnamon donut with a shot of chocolate (you can also get custard and jelly), the donuts are very reasonably priced at $6 (you can add an extra shot for $1) and they are huge. When they arrived I felt like a kid and that’s what I loved it gave you that time to act like a child and enjoy playing with your food. The donuts were so tasty covered in cinnamon sugar and to top it off with the chocolate filling was just up my street. I plan to go back and get all 3 fillings at once! The coffee was also lovely and strong just how I like it – I sometimes struggle to find coffee strong enough in New Zealand.

FullSizeRender4 FullSizeRender3IMG_2099 FullSizeRender1

The service and atmosphere was amazing we were greeted immediately by our friendly waiter and waitress who were attentive and very patient when none of us could choose which filling we wanted (it’s a hard decision chocolate, custard, jelly!).

I really enjoyed visiting here and if anyone is in the area it is definitely worth a visit. I will be taking my family here when they visit over Christmas! Thanks for a great experience Mister D.

My time at Mister D was like this blog post – short but sweet 😀


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