Napier Prison & RWC


Last weekend was Halloween and the Rugby World Cup so it was a pretty exciting, scary and exhausting weekend. A few weeks ago I was searching for something to do for Halloween in Napier (I love Halloween) and I came across the Napier Prison night time scare tours. Paying to be scared really isn’t my thing but the new brave (ish) New Zealand version of Lucy thought it would be a cool way to see the prison and celebrate Halloween. I also managed to rope in our friends Bev and Pete – I apologise now in public for what I put you through!

Capture3 Capture2

We went to Emporium first for something to eat and in my case a few drinks (liquid courage). We arrived at the Prison thinking how un-spooky it was as it wasn’t even dark yet, it safe to say we left the prison glad we didn’t go to a tour in the dark! The whole thing was terrifying but brilliant. It started in the entrance courtyard where immediately Chris and I were thrown into a cell in the dark with two crazy screaming inmates. We then took a tour around the prison visiting different areas such as the woman’s wing, men’s wing and death row – inmates jumping out at every opportunity. We were locked in a cell with a crazy girl who was covered in blood and in chains – she escaped, chained Chris up and tried to convince us he had done it (we never found out what he was supposed to have done).

               Capture2 Capture

The scariest part for me was in death row (we had already been told it was the most haunted part of the prison) when we were split up and put into separate cells. I was put into a cell with a girl and a teenage boy I had never met before – that didn’t stop me and the girl holding hands for support! We were in a room with just a bunk bed so I knew something was under the bed, my suspicions were confirmed when a hand reached out and grabbed my ankle! Bev was put into a cell with a crazy long haired man who kept screaming insanely and Chris and Pete (who got to stay together) ended up in a cell with a man who stripped down to his underwear and got on all fours (I can’t imagine what for!). The tour was brilliant but I was relieved when it was over! So if being scared is your thing and you want to add a bit of excitement to your tour I would highly recommended (next tour 13th Nov). We finished the night as it began – with a (well deserved) drink.

The following morning we got up at 3.45am for the Rugby World Cup final (New Zealand V Australia), we were meeting Bev and Pete again who had kindly changed their booking so we could get onto their table (thanks guys) at Shed2 which is a local bar. I nearly didn’t get up I was so tired but I’m definitely glad I did the atmosphere was amazing. The place was packed out with people who had got up early, stayed out all night and there were a few who looked like they didn’t know where they had been. The game kicked off and we ordered an amazing breakfast – I had a breakfast wrap and Chris eggs benedict and coffee –lots of coffee. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the actual game as I’m sure most of you will have watched it (if you didn’t you missed out). The crowd in Shed2 went crazy when the All Blacks did the haka it made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.


At half time we were winning by miles so we decided to switch from coffee to something a bit stronger (it was 6am). I have a theory that world cup drinking is like airport drinking – it’s acceptable at any time of the day! In the second half the atmosphere changed a bit when Australia started to catch up on points until Dan Carter pulled it out of the bag (I am no Rugby expert as you can tell).

12191073_10156269363370249_76399346524674534_n FullSizeRender FullSizeRender2

So to cut a long commentary short – we won! I cannot explain to you the atmosphere not just in the pub but all over New Zealand – Rugby is such an important thing over here (a bit like football in the UK). One guy appeared at the window naked after jumping in the harbour to celebrate. It was great to be part of the celebrations and be here when the All Blacks won.

IMG_2083 IMG_2082

We left Shed2 at around 9am and it’s safe to say I was a little tipsy so I had a little nap and woke up at 1pm! In my defence I had been up since 3.45am. I think the combination of being terrified the night before, alcohol and the early start contributed (that’s my excuse anyway).


For the rest of the day I chilled out and watched my favourite Halloween film – Hocus Pocus (if you haven’t seen it watch it).

Until next time,

Lucy 😀

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