Fullers Great Sights (Bay of Islands)

Hello 🙂

In my previous blog about our trip to the Bay of Islands I mentioned that the boat trip we took with Fullers Great Sights deserved its own blog post because it was that amazing – so here it is.

After deciding to cancel our boat trip the day before due to bad weather we woke up on Sunday with fingers crossed for the weather (it was so sunny). We had booked a trip called The Cream Trip with a company called ‘Fullers Great Sights Bay of Islands’ it was a great decision as the trip was brilliant from start to end. The Cream Trip gets its name as it follows a delivery route that collected and delivered cream cans set up in 1927.

We boarded the boat and were welcomed by our lovely crew (Tammy, Matty, Laura, Roz and Lawrence), we opted for a seat outside on the top deck as we were keen tourists! We cruised around the islands looking at the sights and keeping an eye out for dolphins as we went. The islands were beautiful and the sea was the most amazing colour you will ever see (sorry to brag).

We saw the Marsden Cross where the first Christian ceremony happened in New Zealand and also the black rocks which are huge volcanic rocks that stick out of the sea.

IMG_0553 IMG_0563 IMG_0590 IMG_0587

We then ventured over to the Hole in the Rock which is known for the strong currents and waves. It’s a brilliant site a huge hole in the rock (you never would have guessed) which has been created by a fault line in the rock. Tammy (Captain) was unsure whether we would be able to go through due to the wind but she went for it and got us through safely (who said woman drivers were rubbish?).

IMG_0611 IMG_0605

We stopped for lunch (always a highlight of any trip) on an island called Urupukapuka Island and had an amazing picnic lunch (falafel salad, cheese and biscuits, crisps, biscuits, juice and mints) I know I ate it all and I am greedy but I am trying to stress how great the lunch they provided was :). We trekked to the top on the hill on the Island and we had a great view of all the Bay of Islands the colours were amazing.

IMG_0692 IMG_0701

The bit I have been building up to and dying to tell you about is next! A pod of dolphins had been sighted nearby so we headed over there. When we got there they were being really friendly and swimming up to the boat so Tammy told us we were going to get the opportunity to swim with them (we paid $15 extra for this approx. 7 gbp – what a bargain!). The nerves kicked in but I was really excited too. We put on our wetsuits (I felt more like a Whale than a Dolphin) and we were given snorkel and masks. We jumped into the boom net (a huge net off the side of the boat) the water was freezing and I flapped around like a fish for a few minutes (must have been hilarious for the people watching on the boat). When tammy gave us the word we had to jump into the sea and entertain the dolphins (by humming and diving). I cannot tell you how amazing it was – four wild dolphins swimming around underneath us in the water, they were a lot bigger than I Imagined. We had the snorkel so that we could see the dolphins underwater and they were swimming and playing underneath us. It was that amazing that I can’t even think of a joke to make!

IMG_0723 IMG_0722 IMG_0717 IMG_0712

We had about 20minutes with the dolphins and the best part for me was that the dolphins wanted to swim with us and weren’t in captivity. They could have left at any moment and trust me they could they were fast (I felt seriously unfit trying to keep up with them).

After this we did some boom netting (sitting in the net at the side and going really fast). It was fun but you really had to hold on as the pressure of the water was huge. I now know how a big Cod feels in a net!

We got back on the boat and had a wine and a beer to celebrate and enjoyed the rest of the trip. I just want to thank Fullers Great Sights for giving us one of the best experiences for our lives. They went out of their way to make the trip the best they could wherever we went and Tammy did an amazing commentary all the way around so thank you!

IMG_0728 IMG_0726

At the time of this posting I will be at a spooky Halloween walk at Napier Prison (wish me luck).

Until next time,

Lucy 😀

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